Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spring's in my heart...and home.

Something happened when I painted my nails Turks and Caicos. Something magical.

In the last 48 hours I've deep cleaned bedrooms, organized craft supplies, cleaned out drawers, made decor decisions I've been mulling over for months, began planning our garden. And my head is still spinning with ideas.

The beautiful turquoise was just what I needed to usher in spring and all it's cleaning glory.

As I was cleaning, I also became overwhelmingly motivated to get long overdue decorating done.

Decorating can be an overwhelming task for me as I tend to have expensive taste which leaves me discouraged- since we have no money and all. I was determined to keep this from happening, so I set some rules. Boundaries, if you will.
I decided I can't use budgeted money for my decorating projects. I must sell things around the house or pick up an extra day at work. Oddly enough, setting these boundaries has made my creative mojo come to life!

And here's a project list to prove so.

Dinning room curtains. I'll make the below curtains out of white table cloths and Ikea's wire rod system.
I was able to purchase 60 x 102 in. cloths for $9 on Amazon #amazon4life.

Benjamin Moore: Briarwood
The is the paint color I'll use for my stripes

Redecorate Avery's room with her birthday party decor. Specifically the below pinwheels, garland, and banner.

Update Bray's room with a banner (similar to Av's above but with blues and reds) and add something like the below to his empty wall.

I will try to recreate with nails and fishing wire before purchasing Ikea's wire system

Spruce up our hall bathroom with a little paint (hopefully using left over paint in storage) and make wall art from my thrift store frames. I've had zero motivation to deal with this bathroom. It needs to be completely gutted and we thought we could remodel it by this spring, but that is no longer the case. Sooo... I'm embracing the pink. and missing tiles. and carpet. and speckled sink.

Revamp our headboard by adding trim. I made this headboard for our queen sized bed and we've since upgraded to a king. I'm hoping the trim will extend the length so we can put it back up.

It's turned sized ways, which is why it looks so small

Trim inspiration

Below is last night's project. I did this myself with no measuring. Just me and my eyeballs.
For those that know my husband, you realize what a big deal this is. 
And also why the project got done.

Before- in holiday mode

I also purchased an old window, one without panes, last weekend while shopping in our vintage/refurb district. I plan to paint the glass with magnetic paint and use it for cards, inspirational notes, kids artwork, etc. It will go in our hallway in place of this:

I'd also like to add some black and coral/peach accents for the coming spring and summer. I'm not sure how I will do this. Maybe paint (or recover) some pillows I'm not using or spray paint thrift store finds for my end tables or shelves.

pillow idea

I'll be sure and posts pic's as projects get completed.
Fingers crossed they get completed :)

* pictures posted without a link can be found on my pinterest boards: amygib2 (no official links were available).

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