Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

My posts have been scarce, I know.
My computer's powercord broke and I can't buy a new one until next month.

Oh the joys of living on a budget.

Sooo, I'm left to post in the evenings by use of my husband's computer, which never happens, or on my lunch break the days I work.

As frustrating as it may be to wait to purchase something it kind of feels good. I know by waiting we are keeping our goals and teaching the littles that instant gratification can be fought and should be fought- as it easily enslaves those who oblige it's deceitful demands.

You like how I did that? Turned a powercord into a lesson.
That's what happens when you change diapers all day long, live in your yoga pants, and don't like to leave your house. You take the mundane to a whole new level.

 Moving onward....

Dress: Target
Tank: H & M
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Forever 21
 In the above pic, I turned my summer maxi dress into a skirt by folding the top down and tucking it into the "skirt." The belt and cardigan hid the bump from the extra material.

Dress: Charming Charlie
Cardigan: NY & Co.
Scarf: H & M
Jeggings: JCP
Shoes: Target
Polish: Turks and Caicos by Essie
Ring: Silpada
I did it. I made the bold move to bust out a spring color in the middle of winter. I had to. Missouri weather continues to toy with my emotions by fluctuating between frigid temps and the 60's.

Because of this, I'm caving into the irrational thought that Spring is around the corner.

I think I'm happier for it.

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  1. Girl! Love that nail polish! I rocked the Essie Blanc for a couple of days this week...but it seems like light/bright nail polish is so much harder to maintain (for me, anyway).

  2. Um. you are honestly the cutest. I hope when I'm a mom I look even half as cute as you!