Monday, February 4, 2013

Scenes from our weekend

We had a great weekend.

Saturday was spent raking our yard, helping family with house projects, perusing the West Bottoms (KC's vintage refurb/antique district), and going on a coffee date with the hubs. Sunday we heard a convicting sermon, cooked a bunch of food we had no business eating, and enjoyed the Super Bowl with friends and family.

This morning, I got an early start cleaning last night's shenanigans and plan to spend the rest of Monday getting our house in order and laundry done.
Currently, Bray is chasing Avery with a blanket over his head and they're both giggling and shrieking at one another. As I watch them play I'm reminded why I stay home.



Baby combover

Biting baba

What she does while brother uses the potty

I just went to the restroom


Silly Bray


Super Bowl goodness

No words


He's been extra cuddly

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