Saturday, February 2, 2013

Natural health for a family...Baby steps.

The other night Bob and I had dinner with his Aunt and Uncle who are great resources regarding alternative health, and a local natural health Doctor. The purpose of the meeting was to gain knowledge on key supplements I should have on hand as a mom, as well get advice on issues Bob and I have been facing.

Before I share what we learned, let me say both Dr. Logan and our Aunt and Uncle are huge Nature's Sunshine supporters. Dr. Logan has extensive reasoning behind why he likes NS over other brands, but the main reason is their quality control. The way they test products is unmatched due to the machines used, how many times each capsule is tested, and the quality of ingredients. With that said, most of the products below are from Nature's Sunshine.

For the KIDS

To build their immune systems (take daily):
  • Elderberry chewables
  • Little Hero chewable vitamins
  • Food Enzymes
  • Probiotic 11
Ear Infections:
  • CBG
  • ALJ
Rashes/ Cuts/ Burns:
  • Silver Shield Gel
  • Raw Honey (not NS, buy local)
  • Tie Fu- acts like Vicks, put a couple drops on feet, nose, or hands and breath to clear airways. 
Upset Stomach:
  • Aloe Vera Juice (whole leaf)
  • LDM-100 (not NS)- There's a packet of info on how to distribute. For Avery's eye infection, I gave her a drop in the morning and a drop in the evening for 3 days. Caution, this tastes disgusting, so have a bottle or drink close by.
  • Silver Shield-  I sprayed this in Avery's eye during her eye infection. I sprayed every hour for one day and then sprayed a couple times a day for 2 more days. Bray also drinks this when battling a cold.Works awesome.

With almost any cold or sickness, in the kids or in us, make sure to give LDM-100 in addition to the other recommended supplements.  We've had such good success with it!


To build immune systems:

  • Food enzymes
  • Probiotic 11
  • Elderberry juice 
  • Mind Max (Magnesium)

Colds/ Flu's:

  • HCPX

Pain Reliever/Inflammation:
  • Relief Formula- in place of Ibuprofen
  • IFC TCM Concentrate- in place of Tylenol
Stomach Irritations/IBS:
  • Intestinal Soothe and Rebuild
  • Aloe Vera Juice (whole leaf)

The above lists are NOT exhaustive. Simply a starting point.

In addition to the supplements, Dr. Logan spent a lot of time talking about our American diet.
Basically, it's killing us. 
He explained food chemistry, American's eating habits vs. the rest of the world, and the business that is the FDA and food manufacturers. He also recommended this book and this book

While I would love to purchase all organic, hormone- antibiotic free items, it's just not possible right now. At least not entirely. So we'll begin with baby steps, both in our food and what supplements we take. 

All in all, our meeting was incredibly beneficial and I feel more equipped to tackle sickness naturally.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! Keilah's had 3 ear infections since Thanksgiving and I've not loved the daily claritin and mucinex along with ibuprofen. I went to Nature's pantry and they don't carry NS or the blends you suggested BUT I did get a natural claritin and mucinex. Better than what she's been ingesting.