Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Currently I'm....

Meal planning for February. We're attempting Paleo.

Getting over sickness thanks to LDM 100, steam from boiling vicks water, echinacea, colloidal silver, a heating pad, and 20 min neck massage from the hubs. I'm not messin around.

Dreaming of this couch and our future home.


Grateful for family to help while I'm sick and a husband who actively loves me.

Envisioning me and the Mr. strolling through a quaint New England town, coffee in hand, wearing this scarf.

Relishing in the goodness that is " You've Got Mail."

Listening to Bray sing the alphabet song "QRS INB..." we've got some work to do, buddy.

Sitting with the windows open listening to my beloved Pandora stations: Gillian Welch, Missy Higgins, Phillip Phillips, Civil Wars, Josh Garrels, Weepies, Taylor Swift.

Thinking about spring cleaning and redoing the kids rooms.

Wanting this necklace and this.

Wanting these shoes come spring.

Reading this and this.

Planning to get these for some special babes.

Wishing I could sneak away to see a certain redhead and a couple brunettes who stole my heart years ago. I sure miss them.

Listening to this series.

Wanting to find a skirt similar to this, to pair with a beige horizontal stripped top, for Easter and family pictures.

Thinking this would be nice for summer

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