Friday, January 25, 2013


Earlier this week my mom surprised me by having my house cleaned while I was at work. It was a huge blessing, because my house was a wreck! I had Avery's birthday stuff everywhere and over the last few weeks I'd sorely neglected house duties in order to put her party together. My bathrooms were in need of some major TLC, to say the least. 

The kids and I also came down with colds, which mean't lots of snuggling and watching cartons. It was beyond wonderful not worrying about the housework, because it was already done! 
I did have to tackle our mountain of laundry as we were on the verge of wearing our underwear inside out. But laundry is a task I can do while watching a movie or catching up on DVR'd shows, so it was pretty relaxing. 

Playing in the laundry piles
 For the most part my house is kid proof, but I have two items in our living room that I leave out to teach the kids to respect nice things- one of which is this owl.
As you can see by the look on her face, she knows she's being naughty. 
Loves looking out the door
Such hams
I splurged on these last month. Good decision.
Bob and I are reading through the Bible together, but I'm a little behind :/
Lots of cuddles with this rosy cheeked babe
Dinosaurs and Shred-hand (shredder), perfect play companions
Ummm...Thanks for being self-sufficient, I guess?
Baked cod, roasted broccoli, and parm. This was our lunch two days in a row and Bray loved it!
He kept saying" this is delicious, mom. "
Now, before you think, "she's such a good mom." This is not the norm. In fact there are days I've prayed God would supernaturally give him nutrients, because all he's eaten is cereal and toast. 
Homemade chicken noodle soup- staple of the week.
This book has been so good for me

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. We get to have dinner with friends tonight and tomorrow Bob is home all day! This hasn't happened in weeks. We may even get to go on a date to celebrate :)

Happy Friday!

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