Sunday, February 17, 2013


This weekend has been one of those weekends where I love being a mom. 

I mean don't get me wrong, overall I'm thrilled to be a parent. 
But I've also struggled. 

As a structured, easily over-stimulated person, becoming a mom rocked my world. Especially, since my first baby was by all accounts terrible. Seriously. Bray cried constantly. Didn't sleep. Was always sick. And I worked full-time while Bob worked and was in school. I'm surprised no one died or lost their sanity during those years. 

BUT after having my second baby, learning more about myself, and moving to part-time at work, I'm in love with it. 
And dare I say, would like more babies.  

I'm also in a season where I see fruit from those late nights and tearful meltdowns with Braydon. He's three, almost four now, and there's some kind of bond that's come from our struggle to raise one another; he into a healthy human, me into a mother. 
Sometimes I look at him and think, "we made it kid. you and me. we made it." 

Which makes me confident that even if we receive another baby, either biological or foster, and they turn out to be one hell of a tyrant, I can look at my blonde-haired cutie and know there's sweetness in this journey. A lot of tears and exhaustion. But sweetness. And it will be worth it.

As this weekend noted, there will also be times when the littles can't get enough of each other, the "I love you's" flow freely, hilarious remarks are made, adorable dance moves had, and wet baby kisses given. 

Which makes being a mom really easy. 

In closing, here are a few weekend funnies courtesy of Bray:

While eating his steak he says, "I like this cow."

During bedtime prayers he asked Bob to pray for his "nick niss." Your what? "my sick nicks."
You're sickness? "Yaaaaayyyy."

"Cutie butt, you want your blankie?" 

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