Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's day Bob and I decided to keep it simple and have dinner at home with the kids. 

To add a bit of cheesy, Valentine goodness me and the kids decorated the dinner table. 
The original plan was to make v-day crafts and use that as our decor, but after glittering the glue heart we called it a day. Avery isn't quite ready for craft day. So we looked through the house and settled on items from Avery's room and red streamers. 

In our book, every Valentines day needs a touch of corniness and this was the perfect way to make that happen. 

Since I live in yoga pants and the kids are normally in sweatpants (or jammies),  I thought it'd be sweet to dress up for our dinner party with daddy.

Bray was so excited. He even made his hair "cool like daddy's."

Trying to get a picture of these two looking at the camera was ridiculous.

Daddy brought home cards for the kids, which they loved.
Hallmark thanks you, honey.

Then Daddy grilled steaks and I made classic alfredo with pappardelle. We've been trying to steer clear of grains, but we thought tonight would be the perfect night to indulge :)

And we were right.

I also made this recipe for dessert.
I left out the fleur de sel and used dark chocolate for my wafers. Valuable decisions, if you ask me.

Other Valentine's day news. 
Daddy made Alton Brown's pancakes and coffee before he left for work. There's no better way to wake up. 
BTW, If you've never had Alton's pancakes, you MUST make them. His recipe is for an instant mix to keep on hand, then he gives directions to make the batter.  

Bisquick will taste like dirt and become a household curse word once you taste Alton's creation. 

Bob also brought home roses. I'm normally not a big flower fan, unless they're fresh picked from my garden (that I don't have) or a farmer's market, but these have been a pleasant surprise. Especially today. It's been refreshing to see them on my countertop. Maybe, because they bring hope that Spring is near?

I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating the ones you love.

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