Friday, January 11, 2013


This week has been really low-key. 
Avery's recovering from an eye infection and a horrible reaction to Augmentin. 
I've been busy with party planning as Avery's first birthday party is a week away! So. much. to. do.
Braydon's continuing to re-adjust from the holidays. 
Poor kid desperately needs structure and when it's not given, fits and night terrors ensue. 
Bob's incredibly busy with work and we have a long, long, long list of house to-do's: like fix the electrical in my kitchen. 
No lights. No garbage disposal. Awesome.
My car needs new breaks. Like 6 months ago or maybe longer? 

Since Bob does everything himself, it means we save money, but it also means projects don't get done in a timely fashion. As frustrating as that may be, I think it's pretty hott he can fix almost anything :) I try to remind myself of this gem when I'm cooking in my dark kitchen or staring at my unfinished backsplash. Sometimes it works. 

Such a lush, this one. 

Being naughty by the outlet
or poopin
Lovin life as she makes a mess with her lunch
My new coffee cup and Monster cookie
This combo got me through many afternoon lull's
Batman jammies!
Working on Avery's party
Cutie after a bath
Cutie with an eye infection
Discussed some goals for 2013 with the hubs
The kids and I's usual breakfast
give or take the avocado
Because I grocery shop once a month, I often have to cut up my produce and freeze it.
Pioneer Woman's Dreamy Apple Pie

Look at that belly! Love it.
She took two steps in this picture. Since then she's taken four!

life rearranged

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  1. your little ones are so adorable! it looks like avery's party will be too!

    happy friday! enjoy your weekend!