Monday, January 14, 2013

The Weekend: Grumpy pants, Jesus, and Pictures

Given the number of times I asked Bray for forgiveness, the scowl that never left my face, and my constant sighing, I'd say I did not have the best attitude this weekend. 

Thankfully, after facing my attitude and sitting before the Lord with it, I was reminded (through this post and God's word) to rejoice always. 

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances..." 1 Thess 5:16

What enabled me to hear this word, repent, and move forward was knowing I rejoice not because my circumstance are noteworthy (loving husband, good kids, home- kids get sick, homes fall apart, husbands need grace), but because of the gospel. 
It's in the gospel the verdict on my life has been given; I am righteous before the Lord. I am not alone. 
I can ask anything of my Lord and rest in His goodness; the world is not on my shoulders. I'm able to know and experience the one of unmatched worth.I am a new creation; I have a new heart, one that longs to please my Lord and care for others. 

It's easy for me to morph into Oscar the Grouch and feel validated in my crappy attitude when life becomes difficult.
After all, Avery's had blow-outs three times a day for a week and isn't sleeping.
Surely, my frustration is valid, right? 
But when I stop, look at my situation through the lens of the gospel I see how temporal it all is, I see power that enables me to respond kindly to my cranky children, I see Emmanuel, and I see the chance to serve my children and point them to their Creator. 

Without constantly refocusing my mind on the great lengths the Lord went to reconcile His people and the implications of being in His favor, I will get lost in the yuckiness that so easily clouds my mind.

I'm grateful for a Savior who did not leave me to navigate this world and my ugliness alone.
I'd be lost without him.

In other news, here are some pictures that make our weekend look less chaotic than it really was. 

Avery's party decor

Don't stop entertaining yourself for rehydration. Simply use your foot. 
While this isn't great quality, I love how considerate Bray is being.
He got his afternoon snack and wanted to share.
Exactly how I felt most of the weekend.
Pioneer Woman's Spicy, Whiskey, BBQ sliders were incredible!
I made ours with ground turkey. 

I decided to treat myself while the kids napped with a cafe au lait
I used Vitamin D milk. Yes, it was necessary

She's perfected her stand
Now, lets get walking!

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