Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Return to normalcy

I'm over the moon about today. We FINALLY have a day with no obligations outside of our home. Hallelujah! Between sickness, doctor appointments, and me working a bit more we've had few days in our usual routine. I become grumpy and feel as though life is out of control when there's little time at home and no structure.
God knew I needed today.
My family did too, but probably from the huge meltdown I had last night. Not my proudest moment.

This morning, we've already built a fort and I'm about to tackle some house work while Av's is sleeping. I also plan to cook. Aww yeah. I'm going to make a breakfast recipe from my new GF cookbook for dinner, a big pot of chicken noodle soup for lunch (enough for lunches to come), and dark chocolate cookies. Tonight we have nothing scheduled so we will eat lots of cookies and watch X factor in our sweatpants. I'm SO Happy.

Here's a rundown of our week via pictures:

Church on Sunday. That hair is intense.

Monday night football!
We spent the evening with my parents eating delicious food and watching the game.
Poor, poor Chiefs.

Last night Braydon built what he called his "party house." He and Avery played "goal," which consisted of Avery putting cars in a cup and Braydon cheering her on. Too cute.

Bray insisted Bob join them in his house, yet Bob could only enter through the "door."
As you can see he needed a little help.

Once through, Bray closed the "door," by pulling the dog in front of the entrance.
His creativity makes me smile.

This morning we built a bigger fort to replace Bray's "party house." The kids loved it.

I rarely get a picture of the two of them smiling together. Because of this, I had to post the terrible photo  below. Given my photography skills, I'll take what I can get.

While playing this morn, Bray insisted Avery needed a drink of his apple juice. 
He's such a good big brother when he's not trying to dislocate her limbs.

Earlier, I found this cutie devouring her brother's toast. So sneaky.

This song has been speaking to my heart.
It's from "In Feast of Fallow" by Sandra McCracken, originally written by Anne Steele in the 1700's after she lost her fiancé the day before their wedding.

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  1. Avery devouring Bray's toast reminds me of how I used to eat my brother's vegetables for him... until my Mom figured it out!
    Looked like a very fun fort!!