Saturday, November 17, 2012


So far it's been a wonderful Saturday. We've eaten pumpkin chocolate chip bread, had lots of cousin time, I've been menu planning for December, and dreaming of the holiday season to come.

This evening Bob officiates his first wedding, which we're really excited about. Before I have to get ready I'm going to take a bath and catch up on some reading. Glor-e-bee to the heavens.

Tonight, I get to wear my new dress! Since we have three weddings and my work holiday party in the next few weeks, I decided it would be worth it to save my pennies and get a new dress. I also couldn't fit into anything except my maternity dresses, but that's neither here nor there.
Here's the dress I got- here. I LOVE it.

Now for some pictures from our week:

Bray helping clean

Because I love to create, here's my version of GF chicken noodle soup with lots of veggies

I LOVE this picture

Avery's lunch for the week, taken from the soup I made

I've loved having the door open and seeing how bright and colorful it's been

An afternoon treat

Breakfast for dinner. I added brown sugar and dried mustard to the mild italian sausage
I'm definitely doing that again

Evidence Braydon was here

We had friends stay with us as they were passing through town so I made a pomegranate, cranberry, OJ, sangria to celebrate their arrival

Cousins and hott chocolate- doesn't get much better

Happy Saturday!!

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