Monday, November 12, 2012

Let's take a moment

To thank the good Lord for Starbucks' Creme Brulee latte.
Creme Brûlée, you've warmed my heart for two winters and I'm elated you're joining me for a third.

To adore this brown eyed beauty.
I'm so lucky to be her mama and love, love, love watching her grow.

And appreciate our good friends and what a joy it is to celebrate them and their new seasons of life.   
This past Saturday Avery and I had the privilege to attend my friend Ashley's bridal shower.
This is Ms. A's shy face. Trying to get her to look at the camera mean't alot of intelligent people subjected themselves to baby talk and strange noises.
Finally, let's take a moment and recall all the awesome dance moves one creates when left to themselves... On Saturday night I attended Ash's bachlorette party. Bob had taken the kids to his moms, so I was left alone to get ready. It was weird preparing for a night out with no children to tend to. Just me and an empty house. So what did I do, you ask? Why I blared Maroon 5's pandora station and went to town. I forgot how good of a dancer I am :)  

Some lovely ladies and me at Ash's bachlorette party 

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