Monday, November 26, 2012

Our four day holiday

I think I have a holiday hangover.

Here's why:

Day 1:  I was less than prepared for Thanksgiving morning. Usually, I strive to have outfits laid out, bags ready, and food prepared so we can enjoy Thanksgiving morning. This year, not a single item was ready before hand. Thank you, red devil in my belly.
I just couldn't get it together, so of course our morning was chaotic- couldn't find shoes, I had nothing to wear, Avery wanted to be held the. entire. time, clothes needed to be ironed.... I tried hard to keep my heightened attitude in check. After all, it was nobody's fault but my own. All in all, I'd give myself a C+.

Family Holiday fact: Even when money is tight I try to save enough to get special occasion outfits.
I love to match on holidays. Love it! But, this year I only had enough saved for the kids. While I was sad Bob and I didn't get new items, I adore what I got the kids. The one thing missing is Bray's v-neck t-shirt. My husband was quite happy I missed this part of his outfit. He hates v-necks, I love them. A worthy source of contention if you ask me. 

I also didn't get one good family shot. Not. A. Single. One. So enjoy all the awkward photos, like the one of me kissing Avery and her appearing terrified. 

Day 2: Black Friday. We always stay the night at Bob's parents on Thanksgiving. This allows the ladies to wake up early and Black Friday shop while the boys stay with the babes.
This year, I went to JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby with my sister-in-law. JoAnn's was a total jack pot! I got supplies for some new Christmas decor as well as Avery's first birthday party.

After a couple hours of shopping, we met back up with the family and had some potato soup and beer bread. My kind of day.

Some of my loot for Av's first birthday

Boys being ninja's at Nana's

The kids loved staying the night together
Day 3: Saturday, we loaded up Bob's family again and headed to a tree farm for our annual cutting down of the Christmas tree. Good thing I like these people :)

We started our morning off right with the perfect amount of sugar, carbs, and caffeine.

The whole gang

We found our tree!

Uncle Kyle

The cuties, minus Jonas

We spent the rest of Saturday cleaning our mess from Thanksgiving, putting away fall decor, and getting some of our Christmas stuff up.

Day 4: Bob preached at his brother's church- He did great! We then headed to his mom's for her birthday lunch. After lunch we went home to finish our Christmas decorating and I concluded the evening with a lovely glass of wine while Bob and I watched Once. We also made popcorn for an 'after the kids go to bed' treat. Apparently, we didn't wait long enough after the kids were in bed, because Bray went into full blown hysteria when he heard the popcorn maker start- screams, banging on the wall, and throwing off his sheets, blankets, and pillows were a part of this tantrum.

Needless to say, he did not eat popcorn with us.

There you have it.

That's why I have a holiday hangover and we are still in our pj's, I have a headache, I'm on my third cup of coffee, and we have a laundry mound the size of everest.

I've already decided to take it easy today with my Monday goals being: keep the kids alive, feed them, and get laundry completely done.

I'm shooting for at least two out of three :)

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