Monday, November 5, 2012

Date night, lazy day, and to-do's

Friday night, Bob and I went to Blanc burger for date night. it. was. incredible. Just the thought of their beer battered onion rings, homemade ketchup, and spiced lentil burger makes me salivate. So the fact that I ingested such culinary magnificence makes this date a 10. 

After Blanc we headed to our friend's show. The bands didn't begin until 10:00 p.m. so between dinner and the show we slept in the car. party. animals.

Staying up til 2:00 a.m. + a baby that awakes at 6:30 a.m. = a sobering reminder that we're too old for this.

Running off four hours of sleep immediately makes me an unfit parent.

Thankfully, we had nowhere to go and Bob was able to spend all day with us.
We stayed in our pj's, took naps, I made GF pumpkin streusel muffins and ham scram for breakfast, watched college football (aka- I 'pinterest-ed'), made chicken nachos, watched a movie, and made homemade popcorn. All the ingredients for a relaxing Saturday.

A few pic's from Sat/Sun:

This crazy is obsessed with stirring his drinks. He's convinced it makes them taste better.
  "taste it mom, it's de-wish-us"
Avery's favorite toy
This morning, we spent the majority of our time catching up on finances, mail, and I crossed off some to-do's like request new car insurance cards. We also got the pleasure of watching my niece Gianna who is 6 days younger than Avery. I love watching the girls play together. Usually there's a lot of toy stealing and biting one another's head. ok, maybe that's just Avery. But, they're laughing as they do it so I consider it entertainment.

Here are a few pic's from the morning:

Bray got an invitation in the mail. He was so excited.
I worked on our calendar while Bray colored the October page

I was so behind on mail and paperwork that it took both our desk and couch to sort and organize.
But, hallelujah it's done.

Day Light Savings has robbed us of our routine, throwing off nap time and giving me cranky children. Poor Avery is finally asleep, still an hour earlier than usual, but she was so exhausted and I ran out of food and peek-a-boo 30 minutes ago. For everyone's sake I had to cave.

Bray will go down for his nap soon, then it's go time. We have friends coming over for dinner which means I must shower and must mop my floors. Two of my least favorite things, but I will do it in the name of hospitality. You're welcome, Starks.

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