Monday, October 15, 2012

What's goin down

Our weekend was full. Full of family. Full of rain. Full of sickness. 

Whatever cold bug is going around is horrific. I spent as much time as I could in bed on Saturday, which means I got a nap. No rest for the weary has an entirely new meaning once you're a mom.

This is also what happens when mom is sick. A half dressed baby eats her toes on a dirty floor. 


I did pull myself together for a beautiful wedding in the woods. It was one of the most charming weddings I've ever been to. Not to mention it was wonderful going somewhere with my husband, no kids, alongside lots of friends. 

Ummm. I don't think there's a cuter creature out there.
We had planned to spend Saturday at the pumpkin patch, but due to heavy rain we rerouted our plans to Nana's house. Lots of cooking and adorable faces.

Yesterday, the hubs left for a four day trip. I don't do well when he's gone. I usually become ridiculously sentimental, cry throughout the day, and sleep on his side of the bed. I know. It's embarrassing. Luckily, we had friends stay the night last night and my sister is staying with us tonight. I'm super grateful to be close to family. Not only do I have over-night help, my mom came over yesterday to let me sleep and clean my kitchen. Ahmazing.

When Bob is away I try to be more productive and put together. I almost have to in order to survive. So for today, my list of distractions are as follows: my budget update, bank, Costco, crockpot meal, plan for the rest of the week, listen to this podcast, do one load of laundry. I ended up carrying an adorable 9 month old for every bit of it :) Aw, teething. That's why coffee and an oatmeal choc chip cookie was absolutely necessary come 3:00 pm.

While running our errands I had Christian radio on. Normally, I want to claw my eyeballs out when Christian radio is on. I prefer less "pop-y" music, but thanks to a broken CD player and no AUX outlet I'm stuck :( Anyhow, Bray started singing along to "Where I belong"  and when he sang "take this world and give me Jesus" I burst into tears. (Again, I'm ridiculously sentimental). I pray fervently for him to love Jesus more than anything else and to hear him sing those words totally wrecked my heart.

On a less dramatic note, here's what I've got in the crockpot.

Currently, my sis is holding Miss A. and Bray is sword fighting with his cousins- perk of living next door to family. I plan to hunker down the rest of this evening to enjoy the open windows, my sweet family, and some Revolution.

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