Thursday, October 18, 2012

We might be crazy...

Today we begin the Master Cleanse.

This decision was not made for weight loss purposes (while it will be nice). It is a way for us to rid our bodies of some major gunk. I especially hope to benefit from the detox as my intestines need some help.
I also hope the cleanse does a work on my face. My skin is extra red, I have pigment issues, and recently have had some major blemishes arise. Honestly, my skin has sucked since I've had Avery. Just sucked.

Here's a horrendous picture of my skin's current state. Crossing my fingers I can post a better pic in 7 days. (the program is 10 days, but my goal is 7 due to social obligations)

If you don't know much about the cleanse here's a link. Here's an article that chronicles someone's journey through the cleanse, as well.

Again, for us this about health. I have some funky stuff going on and may need to see the dr., but before we pay thousands for a colonoscopy only to hear it's IBS, we thought we'd give this a shot (thanks to crappy insurance). We also know that a lifestyle change is a must in order to maintain our health. We've begun making small changes and will continue to add more and more steps. Our main meals are not unhealthy in nature, but we could stand to get rid of some desserts, work on portions, continue with gluten free products, and exercise, exercise, exercise.

In preparation for the cleanse, I purchased some easy meals for Bray (i.e.: chicken nuggets, (real) fish sticks, salad, broccoli, apples, almonds, bananas, Cliff bars, PB sandwiches, veggie straws). If I cooked full meals for him I know I wouldn't survive the cleanse.

I also plan to stay home as much as possible. I will busy myself with our usual cleaning and laundry, but  I do have some distractions up my sleeve: Avery's Halloween costume and new crafts for Bray- CaterpillarTurkey, paint our pumpkins. I will also continue "school" with Bray- That's what he calls it :) Right now, all it entails is working on his numbers and letters via these charts I made. My sister-in-law gave me the idea and the goal, once he becomes a little more familiar, is to roll a rock/ball on the board and wherever it lands he has to identify the letter/number.

Hopefully, my preparations will aid in the success of this thing. I need all the help I can get!

Now here's to hoping I don't eat one of my young.
Just kidding!

I do plan to update the blog throughout our cleanse and hermitude. So stay tuned!


  1. My wife and I are doing a 6 week commitment based on a nutritional lifestyle outlined in the book Eat to Live. It basically is vegan plus no oils, eggs, or dairy. It can be tough to follow, but it's been good for us so far. We've done it for 2 weeks and have lost 19 pounds (it was partially a weight issue for us), but it's also aided in energy and concentration levels. Plus, my wife thinks that it has decreased the redness in her face.

  2. You're not crazy. B has all kinds of digestive issues too and going to the doctor has done nothing for him...for years! He did a cleanse, too - and you're right, the key is sticking with the good diet and habits after...that's where my dear has a bit of trouble. He feels great on the cleanse, though! Hoping it does lovely things for you!

    1. Thanks, friend. I hope B can find relief. Digestive stuff is terrible!
      Miss you :)