Friday, October 12, 2012


Thank you cuppa Joe. You single handily gave me the superpowers needed to keep everyone alive and our humble abode somewhat civil. You never let me down.

This week our house was hit with a cold virus and Avery has been a teething monster. Girlfriend would not get off my hip. Secretly, I kind of loved it. I had a cute, bald companion constantly. Not to mention my arms are well on their way to looking like Jillian Michaels. At least that's what I kept saying when they began to burn and give out.

I'm sure much of the "workout" was due to this girl eating up a storm. On a couple occasions she ate an entire sweet potato. An entire sweet potato!

We certainly did not accomplish all that I had planned this week and we had to cancel two gatherings with friends. Sad face. But it was nice to cuddle with the kids and basically never leave the house. The hermit in me says amen and amen.

We did decide to tackle a new bedtime routine with both kids. Avery, in true Avery fashion, was super easy. We weaned her of her middle of the night feeding and consistently put her down at 7:30 p.m. Braydon was not so easy. For those that don't know, we moved his bed into our room almost a year ago, because of night terrors. While we weren't sure what else to do, this ended up being a horrible decision. Thankfully, through some research and consistency we were able to reduce the terrors by reading a story every night and giving him time to "settle in." After a month of having only one terror, some nights none, we decided it was time to move him back. Sigh. So we hyped it up in front of his cousins (his fav people), we let him choose the location of his bed, got him a cool nightlight, and we began the journey. The first night he screamed for two hours straight. Like at the top of his lungs, going to lose his voice, scream. The second night it was a little better by a half hour and last night it was about the same. We knew this wouldn't be an easy transition and it sure is living up to those expectations. This won't last forever, right?

This week we spent a lot of time playing in Bray's room. I found a cozy spot on his bed to look up kids crafts for the month or check email. The kids had a blast playing, Avery especially. She's loves being in there.

Bray trying to read his Narnia books to me.
He was caught trying to hang on his letter
Bray's mad I won't let him change clothes for the third time
Avery watching her Bro "read"

 I also made black bean brownies. Not a huge fan. Bray loved them so I consider it a win. "Sure, I'll let you eat tons of sugar if it means you are consuming spinach and beans with it." I'm desperate.

Bob and I also got a chance to go on a date this week.  The evening started out rough, because I was being a brat, but thankfully it was redeemed by my husbands gentle nature and God reminding me  I need to learn flexibility. It ended up being a great time eating Chinese food and watching Taken 2. Such a stressful movie.

Other snippets from this week:

Avery loves to wave

"Mom, watch my new trick. It's gonna be awesome"

I bribed my son with Cheetos and a video in my bed so I could nap while Av's was asleep.
Bad parenting courtesy of said cold.

Additonal tid bits

-Avery loses all control of her body when music comes on. It's hilarious.

-Bray likes to look at his poo and tell me the shape. So far I've heard an ice cream cone, snake (obvious choice, son), and clouds. What?

-Avery ate bird poop. I don't want to talk about it.

-When Nana watched Bray during date night, he asked if she could hear him cry at bedtime.
"I cried 5 times"

-Bray's discovered his man parts. So awkward.

We have a fun weekend ahead: What I'm sure will be a beautiful wedding tonight, kid free! Pumpkin patch (weather permitting) along with Padogi (It's really Pierogi) on Saturday, and Bob leaves town on Sunday for a staff retreat so some of the other staff wives are coming over for a "slumber party." Heck yes.

Now I'm off to do a "project" with Bray.
Happy Friday!

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  1. Sending you lots of positive bedtime vibes... I know exactly how rough bedtime can be!
    Stopping by from Life Rearranged to say hi!

    1. Oh Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! And thanks for stopping by!!

  2. The phases of little ones seem to last forever you're right... since watching my 4 year old friend Mr. S. over the last year and a half I've realized that his phases can be pretty horrible and seemingly unending (often centered around sleep) only to sort of solve themselves in time (maybe a couple of weeks or even a month?!). That doesn't really help you right now, though it might just give you some hope that it'll pass, only to be replaced by another phase, hopefully of a more pleasant nature :) just think you've already parent-ed through some other tricky phases if he's anything like the little man I know!

  3. Love that coffee mug! I found your blog via the linkup on Life Rearranged!

    Little Miss Wanderlust