Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well, folks. We've made it through our first week of blogging which means, welcome back laundry day.

My clan has also trashed this joint. I mean trashed. So a major cleaning sesh will take place in between loads and folding.
 I'd like to say, for the record, the majority of our mess is due to my charming son. He has gone from wearing no clothes to changing outfits at least twice. He cannot simply look through his drawers with his eyes, he must rummage as though he's uncovering a new Lighting McQueen, destroying every ounce of order. Drives me mad.
There's also the potty training thing. He's completely potty trained, but twice this weekend, in the middle of a fit, he peed in his room. On purpose. Don't you wish you could do that? Get mad and pee on things.

So that will be our day. Cleaning up clothes, pee stained rugs, laundry, and tackling a number of other cleaning tasks. Good thing, I have Mumford and Sons to keep me company. I'll probably listen to a couple Focus on the Family broadcasts as well. If I'm feeling really spiritual I'll throw in a Mark Driscoll sermon.

Here's a recap of our weekend:

Friday, during the day, we tackled the grocery stores. Trader Joe's totally won my heart.
Crazies at Costco
That night we stayed in for dinner and a movie. The hubs rented Snow White and the Huntsman and I made Turkey, Spinach Meatballs with GF rigatoni. It was delish.

Side note: I love me some wine. I realize consuming alcohol is a touchy subject for some believers, but for our house, it's a non issue. We do not condone putting on your bad idea jeans and getting wasted. Drunkenness is wrong according to our Creator. Period. Having a glass of wine or a beer is not a conviction of ours, so you will see the occasional libation in pics or posts to come. I hope we can still be friends.

Cutie, eating her meatballs.

Saturday we spent the day with our friends, the Breckenridges. Bob is helping remodel their bathroom so me and the kids tagged along. Adam, with true southern hospitality, made us homemade biscuits and chocolate gravy. It was divine. As was my time with Kari on their front porch. The weather was phenomenal and they have the most adorable front porch with wooden rocking chairs. Perfect setting for some relaxation and good convo.

We polished off Saturday with an incredible dinner for my brother's lovely lady, courtesy of my mom.
She never disappoints.
Bray had a blast playing in Nana's socks

Sunday our church was cancelled due to the city shutting off the water. Bob still had to go to the church for a couple hours, so I bathed the kids and we played until he got back.

When Bob returned, we headed to our first birthday party of the day. Bray had been talking about this for weeks since it was at Chuck E Cheeses.

Me and the kids before we left for our Birthday Bonanzas. One day I'll finish that project behind me. one day.

We had another birthday party for my oldest friend's little boy. It was a blast!

In between parties Bob graciously let me go to a coffee shop for a couple hours of alone time. My heart really needed this. Our little family has encountered quite a bit of change the last few months and I didn't realize how much of toll it had taken until Bob and I got into a ridiculous fight Saturday night. I'm still processing all that came out of my mouth and I'm sure I'll share soon.

We concluded our Sunday with a fun dinner with our small group.

That's all folks!

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