Saturday, September 29, 2012

Learn me hard, Learn me right (Part 2)

Yes, my title was taken from Mumford and Sons and yes, their new album has been playing nonstop in my house. It's glorious. Just glorious.

Here are the remaining notes from the marriage conference.


Paul David Tripp- "What did you expect?"
Marriage, this side of heaven, is always a war between two kingdoms- kingdom of self and kingdom of God.
-       Treasures:
Everyone lives for some kind of treasure
Your treasure will control your heart
What controls your heart will control your behavior
Most treasures are assigned value; they’re not intrinsically valuable.
This side of eternity it is very hard to keep what is important, important
Your marriage will always be enhanced by or victimized by what you treasure
A good desire becomes bad when it becomes a ruling factor.
Most men have built their treasure at work and they drive home and punch out because home is outside of their treasure circle.
Earthbound treasure has no capacity to satisfy your heart.
Neglect will lead to catastrophic outcomes
Anxiety bound needs
Once you feel entitled to a need you see love as someone’s willingness to fulfill that need
Jesus says your heavenly Father knows and will deliver.
You don’t need a loving husband. You have all you need at the foot of the cross.
Which of the two kingdoms shape your marriage?
Don’t live in the nasty little kingdom called self.
Two lifestyles- Manipulation v. Ministry
Selfishness will cause you to desire things you shouldn’t. To indulge is to feed and desperately want to feed your kingdom.
God knew how deep our sin would go so he unzipped us and stepped inside (Holy Spirit).
The lifestyle of our selfishness is manipulation
The degree of your happiness is not a good read on the successfulness of your marriage.
Only people who have God in his rightful place can love people as they should
The majority of marital problems is that we don’t love God enough
You fix marriage vertically first.
What does real love look like?
Love is willing self sacrifice for the good of another that does not demand reciprocation or that the person being loved is deserving.
Love is a sacrifice. Without this you don’t love.
Do you scan one another’s lives to see the areas they need God’s care.
Love is motivated and engaged when the other doesn’t deserve it
Love is best born out of gratitude- we can say, regardless of our circumstances, we will love because “God first loved us.”
If we forget the magnificence of God’s love for us then we will easily sin in our marriage.
God’s purpose for me, my purpose in my marriage, is to seek the kingdom
Think on the things you take for granted and thank your spouse
Together we need to have a heart that cries “Your Kingdom Come.”
Worship God as the Creator
You’ll never be able to love the person if you’re trying to recreate them.
Worship God’s sovereignty: Your story
Acts 17- God determines the details of your life
Critiquing is disheartening and disrespectful
Worship God’s sovereignty: God as Savior- Your growth in grace
You will experience your sin and grace in marriage
 You want your heart exposed- get married
The hope of marriage is Emmanuel- God with us
Our marriage needs to be invaded by grace

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