Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No yoga pants today

Against everything my heart was saying, I got up and got dressed today.
Basically, because I had to.
I work two days a week and my job would not have been too impressed with my yoga pants (last time washed, unknown) so I figured I'd do everyone a favor and get pretty.
After I got dressed this morning I thought, "Oh hey, I blog now, I can do a 'What I wore Wednesday' post." So I made the hubs attempt a bunch of really awkward pictures all to conclude that I look ridiculous and I'm not posting a single one.
Then I got to work and read this article as well as some of my fav blogs whom participate in said link up, and I realized I'm not posting my pic's because I'm being insecure. Gah.
So in my attempt to not be insecure, I am choosing to be more awkward than in my morning photo session and take pictures of myself in the bathroom.
I'm glad that's over. 
Next time I'll bite the bullet and post legit photos- photos without stalls, bad lightining, and weird stances.  
Shirt: Target, clearance last fall
Tank Top: Gap, Maternity.
Jeans: Gap, Always Skinny
Shoes: BCBG via Hautelook
Watch: Just Jewelry
Necklace: I have no idea


  1. No need for insecurity. You look amazing and that outfit is awesome! PS. I remember you mentioning something about an extra 25 pounds in an earlier blog post, and I have no idea where those pounds are hiding. You look amazing, girl!

    1. Camera angles do wonders :) but thanks, love.

  2. Your pictures are pretty good. You should see some of my terrible pics. Cute outfit!

    1. Thanks! Your blog is adorable, by the way!