Sunday, July 5, 2015

Playing Catch Up: Easter 2015 and Braydon's Preschool

"Let the world chase itself and call your great love a little thing. But as for me, I will behold your face." -Trinity Grace Church

Easter is a big deal for the Gibler house. Our entire identity is founded on the truth that there is a God who went to great lengths to display his glory and love for us through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. I realize it all sounds ridiculous and backwards, I would think that too had he not opened my eyes to the beauty of it all, but it is, and will always be, the best news we've ever heard.

Side note regarding pictures. Apparently a few files on my Canon were corrupt and I lost most of my spring pictures, including our Easter photos. So here's another round of grainy iPhone pictures :)

Bray began preschool this past January and he absolutely loved it. I was unsure how he'd fair, he's a bit shy and when I'd ask if he was ready to go to school outside the home he'd say, "I want to always do homeschool." But I knew I wasn't serving him well. I mean, relying on Daniel the Tiger for moral lessons and Leap Frog via Netflix for everything else wasn't what I wanted for him. Though we still love both those shows and use them frequently, especially right now, because good gracious summer days are long. Getting to send Bray to such a great school, to be challenged by a wonderful teacher, was just what our family needed. At least for that season.

Thank you for the memories, Old Mission!

First day of school

Just before his spring concert
Spring concert: Bob's parents

Spring concert: My parents

Bray and his good friend, Jude

Preschool graduating class
At his graduation, telling us he'd like to be a baseball player when he grows up

Bray's preschool class 2015


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