Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dallas, Bray's 6th Birthday, and 4th of July

A few weeks ago I got to leave my husband and three littles to visit a friend in Dallas. Our family needed me to get away. It's become too easy to lose sight of the person behind the mama and wife. And I have passions, and thoughts, and know I'm more than the sum of my roles, but when those roles consume most of my energy and time, I get lost in the mundane and forget the bigger picture and why of it all. 

And praise God, I got to see the bigger picture and be encouraged and inspired by some of my favorite people. I also got to eat and drink to my hearts content, which is always a win. 

To Naomi and Ben, thanks for letting me invade your lives and for loving me now, loving me when I was unlovable, and for always encouraging me with the way you live. I'm lucky to know you, friends. 

My pre-trip packing side-kick
MCI, I've never been so excited to see you.
Only in Texas will see you bible references used as bar advertisement.
I'm a sucker for cocktails, Americana food, and these two.
Emporium pies, ya'll. Totally legit.
She's pretty.
First time seeing mama after my trip. 
Bray turned 6 last Wednesday and for a number or reasons we opt'd out of a party with friends and settled on chocolate chip pancakes and a cousin sleepover. It was simple. It was loud. It involved lots of vacuuming. And it was awesome.

Morning chocolate chip pancakes

10:30 p.m. and going strong.
This Fourth of July we stayed in our neighborhood. While we missed family, I'm so glad we stayed close to home. We got to share good food with our neighbors. They had a meat smoking contest and oh man, Squier Park knows how to cook some meat. The kids had the best time running about, playing on the tire swing, lighting fireworks. And Bob and I got to catch up with friends which doesn't happen as often as it should.

It's actually surreal, how good we have it here in Squier Park. After all the houses that fell through in our real estate escapade. To now be on the other side, in the exact house we should be in. Well. It will always be a clear picture of God's love and kindness to me and my family.

Brooks' face kills me.

Always throwing a ball, this one. He even sleeps with Bray's glove on.
Future baseball player? or weirdo? Time will only tell. 

I don't love fireworks. I can enjoy a professional display every now and again, but amateurs lighting explosives? Not my thing. I've been this way since I was a kid and I remember feeling so conflicted, because I wanted to have fun like the rest of the kids, but inside I was miserable. Tonight, I saw the same struggle in Avery. Sister tried so hard to be brave, but every loud noise sent her running. So we left the boys to their fireworks and are now cuddled up in bed watching Curious George. And we're having the best time.

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