Sunday, January 25, 2015

Redemption in a house

A couple months ago I was walking a friend around our house, sharing my ideas and vision for what it will be, and she said isn't it amazing? how we, as humans, yearn to make things beautiful? 

I think about what my friend said often. Especially as I find myself waffling between anxiety, because it's been a year and a half and I'm ready for stability. Guilt, because there's much need around the world, yet I'm picking out countertops and new appliances. And excitement, because this is a dream of Bob and I's.

Yet knowing that my longing to right what is wrong, to restore beauty, is the same longing that belongs to my Creator allows me to still my heart and see that this house is about so much more than paint colors and decorations, tile and lighting fixtures. It's a picture of redemption.

Master shower: still needs grout, trim pieces, and a threshold piece.
Third floor bathroom tile- a little dirty
Third floor shower
Kids bath
Paint colors

Second floor hallway leading into the Master. 
Avery's closet and entrance into the kids bathroom
Imperfect pano of our primed master vanity
A portion of the master closet we had built

*The house has come a ways since the above pictures. Trim pieces are up. House is clean. And paint is happening. By the end of next week all painting will be done and the refinishing of our wood floors will begin. EEKK!

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