Monday, January 26, 2015

House sitting and the coming weeks

Bob's Aunt and Uncle graciously asked us to house sit while they take an extended vacation. And guys, their home is just beautiful. With many aspects of it feeling like a resort. For example. The bed we sleep in. It's a dream. And the sheets! I must get a pair of these sheets. Their hot tub is a blast and oh so relaxing. The fireplace, well we love fireplaces. The giant shower with two shower heads. My kids absolutely love it. It's like a party in there and the only feedback I get when it's time to take a shower are shrieks of joy. Their toilet seat is heated and every time Avery sits on it she says, ah, so cozy. There's also an amazing kitchen to cook in. Windows everywhere. Windows that overlook a golf course, which has a lovely view of the sunrise. And the few days we've had 50 degree weather my kids have lived in their back yard.

To say we are grateful for this opportunity is an understatement.

And with every passing day we grow in anticipation and excitement for our house. This weekend Bob and his brother will begin refinishing the wood floors. That's supposed to take two weeks, but I'm preparing myself for three since they are working on them in the evenings and weekends. After that the plumber and electrician will come back to set the fixtures and sinks/toilets, then we can move in! Bob did say we may need some time for the floors to cure. Perhaps up to two weeks. I'm not really sure what that means, but I'm fairly certain if he asks me to wait two more weeks I might break his knee caps.

The coming weeks have the potential to be some of the hardest yet. Bob will have long days with no rest. I'll have long days with no rest. We know the end goal is worth it, but I've learned along this journey that there's nothing that can cure a long day with a screaming child except Jesus' intervention. Not the hope of what's to come. Not pep talks. Just Jesus. His presence is the only thing that will enable us to walk these coming weeks well. Please pray for us if you think about it. That the floors move quickly, Jesus' presence is tangible, and Brooks keeps it together.

I must say, it's been so fun sharing our housing journey with you all. The encouragement. The prayers. The comments. It's all mattered. *Big internet hug*

When I tell him no he does this: lays himself on the floor and covers his eyes. No screaming. No tantrum. Just the saddest display of hurt feelings you ever did see. 

This stomach bug was the worst. But I sure did love those snuggles.

We can finally tame the mane with a ponytail!
Learning to make himself eggs.
Cracking the eggs is obviously his favorite, but we have some work to do  #somanyshells

In our two weeks of sickness we had to wait to meet baby, Susanna. So Brooks passed the time by carrying baby "nanna" with him. 

Hide in seek is all the rage in our house. Notice Bray to the left? He thought he was so sneaky.

Aunt Linda left us bird seed and food for the squirrels.
My kids absolutely love feeding the animals and pass so much time sitting by the door watching them eat.

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