Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014, you were something

It's kind of hard to write about you, 2014. You held many wonderful things like the purchase of our home, Avery's nakedness, Braydon's science projects, Brooks' snuggles, and weekends at the lake.

You also exposed some deep ugly. My ugly. The stuff that had me losing my mind over the slightest inconvenience. The kind that left me entitled and angry, controlling and mean. You held lots and lots of hard moments. Some of the hardest of my life.

But I'm stronger.

I'v become more aware of my sin and weakness, which magnified the beauty of His grace.
I benefited from the Lord's presence and it's absolutely true, no righted circumstance is greater than Him.
I re-prioritized and brought intentionality to areas that matter.

I will always see 2014 as the year my foundation was made strong. I'm sure more difficult years are before me, but having walked through this year, the year that kicked my ass, the harder years ahead seem less threatening. Because no matter what, He'll be there with me, and I've tasted how "enough" He really is.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the last 365 days. It's no small thing to have people love you.

For funsies, here are a few of my favorites items from 2014 (links in blue):

Extravagant Grace : one of the most beneficial books I've ever read.

The Hardest Peace: this book will inspire you, encourage you, and make you cry ugly tears

All Sons and Daughters: buy their music!

Lucky Basel Booties in toffee 

Juice Plus shakes (I add Almond milk): this has been a breakfast staple (and sometimes lunch) for Bob and I. The kids love them too.

Parenthood: I finally watched this show and oh my word, I love it!

These jeans from Level 99 (I got mine on a sale and had a coupon code) and these leggings from Matty M.

These sweaters from H&M. I got a medium and it's giant, more like a tunic top, so I wear it with my Matty M leggings and Lucky Booties. It's basically all I wear (I have three colors).  If I want to dress it down I wear a large scarf like this one (mine is plum from the plaza store), or I wear a fancy necklace like this one with some adorable flats.

Kelly Moore bag in caramel: this has been the BEST bag. I can fit my camera, laptop, and diapers/wipes inside.

Matt Chandelier's Beautiful Design series: this is so impactful and fun to listen to!

This parenting class by Jeff and Jen Wilkin

This bible study by Kathleen Nielson

Berry Naughty by Essie: my favorite nail color of the year.

Happy New Year!! 

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