Sunday, November 30, 2014

The ugly side of what we're doing.

Before we began our renovation we were told be prepared, it always costs more than you think and it will take longer than you'd like. And boy were they right.

The original plan was to be in our house by Thanksgiving. Then we got word it would be Christmas. Then New Years.  Now it's February 1st.

And we are over-budget despite our efforts to plan ahead with a contingency fund. We have money to fall back on, thank goodness, but we aren't sure if it's wise to use that money right away. So now we must decide what projects can wait, what fixtures need to be cheaper, and what things Bob should do himself. I also have zero decorating and furnishing money. What we'd set aside was used for extra framing and insulation.

Not to mention, it's been over 5 months since my family invaded someone else's house. And while my parents have generously given us two rooms to occupy, it's really difficult to keep five people's winter clothes, toys, and shoes organized and in their place.

To put it frankly, we are exhausted and some days I wonder if we are crazy for taking on such a project.

It can be easy to look at what we are doing and think it's all fun and pinterest projects. It's not. On my good days I'm completely ok with that. On my bad I struggle with the never ending to-do list and lack of money.

In case you are contemplating a similar path I want you to know that. That some days will be dark and it won't feel as American-dreamy as you'd like. But I also want you to know that I'm thankful. Especially when I step back and see the bigger picture. I mean, I'm getting a home that was correctly put back together, no shortcuts, and every inch has (or will have) our touch. That's pretty amazing.

So yes, this process is hard. Harder than I ever could've imagined. But we think it's worth it and we're willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Even now, in the midst of the madness I can say that. Because we love this house and we love Kansas City.

Our brick has been restored and is ready to serve as a kick butt backsplash to our gas range. To the left of the brick there will be floating reclaimed wood shelves for spices and other pretty things. I will have two additional sections of these open shelves in the kitchen as well. Because who doesn't love open shelving? 
We have to cover the brick on the fireplace and can't decide if we should stick with white mosaic subway tile or cover it with concrete (similar to concrete countertops). Decisions, decisions.
Also, mudding is almost done then it's onto the trim repair, painting, and refinishing the floors!
One day this will be repaved and landscaping will be a beautiful reality.
(I do love the community garden across the street, though). 

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