Thursday, September 18, 2014

The House and Kiddos

The House. You guys, we almost didn't get it. Our closing date was pushed back a week due to a termite inspection. We had to ask the seller for another extension, because it was taking longer than expected to get all of the paperwork redone from the inspection, but the seller denied our request. They went so far to say that if we couldn't close by 1:00 p.m that Friday they'd walk away. When Bob and I heard this we laughed. Because, I mean really? Is this happening again? Thankfully our amazing loan officer delivered and on Friday at 11:00 a.m. we became home owners again!!

Now, we are a week into the renovation. Demo is done. Framing will be finished this weekend. And electrical, plumbing, and HVAC begin next week. The hope is to be in by Christmas, but I know there's a good chance that won't happen because what home renovation goes according to schedule? But I'm really, really, really asking God to move a mountain and let us be in by the new year.

Every day has become a battle to hold myself together as I run my family of 5 out of two small bedrooms. The closer our move in date is, the easier it is to talk myself off the ledge to crazy town.

As for my family. Well, life still feels a lot like survival. Brooks is sleeping through the night. Thank-the-Lord. But he continues to scream like a lunatic most of the day. To say this has been hard is an understatement. We are doing our best to rule out possible health issues evidenced by our weekly pediatrician visits and dwindling bank account, ah thank you co-pay and numerous natural remedy/medication/chiropractor visits. He's cute as a button, though. And I'm excited to see more of his personality. But that would require him to STOP SCREAMING.

The other two kiddos have been great. We began another year of pre-k homeschooling with Bray. He's currently in a unique phase that requires a ton of patience and dependance on God's wisdom. Why wasn't I given a parenting manual, again? I often find myself thinking you're so weird. stop it.  Which I'm sure would be in the top 5 things not to say to your child should a parenting manual exist.

Avery. is. awesome. She cracks me up most of the time with her intense facial expressions and disregard for people's presence (mostly in a good way). Daily, I find her in full conversation with her play-dough cupcake or in what looks to be a tribal song and dance. I can tell she is cognitively advancing not only from her speech improvements, but also her continual testing of the boundaries. I actually love these parenting moments with her. I suppose it's because Brooks demands so much of me and given his inability to reason or stop screaming for 5 minutes, I welcome the chance to teach, not just console. The terrible twos have never looked so good!

Despite the blurry pic this is worthy to note BECAUSE HE'S PLAYING BY HIMSELF. 

First of many Saturdays spent doing yard work. 
An afternoon to run errands with this cutie while the big two played with cousins. Amazing. It really is true, one kid feels like an accessory!  
It's a good day when you learn you get exposed brick in your kitchen. 

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