Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I can't believe it's only Tuesday. And that Easter is this weekend. And that Friday, we were sweating our faces off then it snowed.

I also can't believe how much Avery is talking. She's stopped calling me mama and now says mommy. It sounds so big kiddish which puts me in a weird, rejoice-ful, yet sorrow-ful state of nostalgia. She's also one of the funniest kids I know, making her a joy to be around. Tantrums and spitting also exist, lest you think it's all laughter and hugs 'round here. Especially when I tell her to do something. Par for the terrible two course, I suppose.

Braydon continues to be a normal four year old. I was recently stuck on how to parent his newest, reigning, behavior. For example. When I'd tell him to do something he'd reply with, "but I'm finishing this project"  or "why can't I do it later?" I was torn on my response, because I didn't want to stifle his questions. If the kid wants to know why I'm asking him to do something I feel it's only respectful to give an explanation. But, after some time praying, the Lord brought me to set a standard of obey first, ask questions second. Curiosity is important, but obedience takes the cake on this one. All of you seasoned moms are like, duh.

The good news about Bray's increasing disobedience (he's trying out lying and manipulation too) is Sunday he told Bob, "It's easier to disobey." You're right, buddy. We can work with that kind of honesty, because that's the stuff that leads you to the gospel.

In other news, don't forget to ponder the magnitude of what was accomplished this week. It doesn't matter if you're a skeptic or a believer. We all must deal with the historical facts and spiritual implications of what happened so many years ago and decide if it's a bunch of weird none-sense or the most incredible news you've ever heard. I'm especially fond of J-Nato's instagram pic on the matter.

"Christian, do you know we don't believe in karma? The story of Easter is simply a time to celebrate not getting what we deserve. We deserve wrath, and get grace. While there are always consequences to sin, we have been spared the greatest consequence through the cross. Katy and Bono for the win. #letsgetpraisy

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