Thursday, October 3, 2013

Baby prep begins!

The consignment sale I've been preparing for has finally come! What a relief to get those items submitted and out of my house! I also got to shop the presale last night and found some great items for baby Brooks :) And by that I mean zip up sleepers, because let's be honest, that's all he'll be in for the next 6 months.

Now that the sale is over, I feel a bit of nesting coming on. We do only have 3.5 weeks, assuming he comes around his due date. Gosh, I remember having bags packed, clothes washed, and the room together months ahead of my due date with the last two. This is the third child, isn't it?

We are doing things differently this time around, which I'm really excited about. We've decided to deliver at a midwife clinic, with no epidural. A much different experience than my previous births as they were inductions with medication.

While I'm nervous about giving birth naturally, as we get closer to the due date, I'm finding myself more and more excited. Perhaps it's the challenge ahead or the beauty of creating an experience that's unlike my other two. Regardless, I'm growing in anticipation and find myself more and more ready to meet this little one.

So in the name of preparation, I'm going to (finally) get started washing baby clothes, making my list of items for the clinic, continue reading Ina Mae's book on natural childbirth, and a book on essential oils during labor. When did I become such a hippie?

And, since this isn't my first rodeo, there are few items I needed, but a couple I wanted to have before his arrival.

I wanted a warm grey stroller blanket. Thanks to Bob's sweet cousin and aunt, baby Brooks is getting this cozy blanket from PB kids in grey.

This outfit from Petunia Pickle Bottoms via Zulily.

This bedding, minus the quilt.

I have my eye on this gem via Candy Kirby designs, but don't have enough saved at the moment.

And if we decide to have newborn pic's taken, I'd like to get this outfit via etsy.
I'm doubtful we can fit pictures into the budget, but just in case I've got an outfit picked out :)

And thanks to Nana's and another sweet friend, we've got plenty of clothes and an adorable carseat cover.

This little guy is set!


  1. Yea! So exciting! I have my eye on a few girly items for Brielle's arrival also! I think you'll be glad you tried it naturally. I went all natural with Kyria. Not sure what I'll do this time around. I kinda want to know what it would be like with an epidural.

  2. How exciting! I had 2 of my 3 natural and it's an amazing (and intense) experience! I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.

    LOVE the bedding!!!