Friday, October 18, 2013

Adorable differences

These last few days a beautiful, wonderful, miraculous dynamic has been unfolding in our house. 
The kids are playing together!! 

And as I've watched their play, I'm seeing just how different they are. 
Bray is meticulous, organized, easily embarrassed, detailed, needs lots of approval, and he doesn't like to get messy. Avery has no problem with messes, laughs constantly, is extremely animated, plays at her own pace, would rather mess up brother's system than create her own, will try anything, loves to dance, and has little rhyme or reason to anything she does. 

It's been hilarious, and definitely brought a new trial to Bray's life: 
"She does everything wrong!" 
"No, buddy, she just does it different than you."

Ha, ha. This lesson may take awhile :)

One area I saw their personality differences loud and clear was during our weekly fall craft. 
Avery wanted lots of stickers everywhere. 
Bray handpicked what stickers he wanted and had a reason and story for each sticker placement. Then he'd turn to me and say, "is that a good idea, mom?"

I love these two and seeing them develop into their own is one of my favorite aspects of being their mom. 

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