Monday, July 8, 2013

The fourth and our travels

We’ve had a full few days. Between the Fourth of July, helping Bob’s parents move into their place near Branson, and a wedding outside of Bolivar, Mo, we are exhausted. Thankfully, we have little planned over the next few weeks. I’m hoping we’ll get to return to our sleep schedules, eat lots of chicken caesar salads, remind our bodies what fruit taste like, and enjoy ample pool time.

Here are some pictures/updates from our craziness.

If you hang around Avery long enough you will witness her hatred of other people sitting in her mommy and daddy’s lap. This includes her brother.

Tuesday evening we headed to a local fireworks stand for Nana to buy the kids each a basket of fireworks. Avery would not leave her daddy’s side while Bray was over the moon that he got to pick out his very own fireworks.

The night before the Fourth we went to Bob’s sister’s for a little celebratory cookout and fireworks. I’m not a fan of fireworks, so the whole shooting them off is only enjoyable by way of second hand excitement. By that I mean watching my husband and brother in law’s beam as they light an explosive is only fun, because I know they’re having fun. Bray did get really into it this year, so I guess that’s good?

On the Fourth of July we had breakfast with my family and spent the day with friends, eating and being merry. As much as you can with a brut of children and crazed amateurs playing with explosives. Did I mention I hate fireworks? Except professional displays. Now that’s something I can enjoy.

 The morning after the Fourth we loaded up and drove a Uhaul trailer to Branson. Bob’s parents bought a place near there so we helped them move their furnishings down. I’m so excited to have this place to go to! With Bob being in ministry it’s difficult to get away for a weekend, but since this place is only three hours away we can pack up on a Thursday night, enjoy a couple days in the woods, then return in time for church on Sunday.

Bray was so tired after our travels he crashed right there on the floor. 

 I bought these Teva sandals a couple weeks ago and I’ve literally worn them every day since. They are the perfect around the house shoe, travel shoe, and play in the woods shoe. I. Love. Them.

Saturday evening we had the wedding of a dear friend outside of Bolivar, Mo. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had taken pictures of her decor, but the littles and catching up with old friends kept me busy. 

After the wedding we headed back to KC. It was close to 10:00 p.m. by the time we left B-town. Needless to say, gas station food was in order to keep us alive.

On Sunday me and the kids stayed home all day. I missed being with my church family, but it felt good to stay in our jammies and rest.

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