Friday, June 28, 2013

Insta- Friday

Now that the house is listed we are enjoying our evenings again. No more late night reno parties or missing daddy, because he’s been in the garage all night. Hall-a-lu-er.

Because of this, we've had lots of play time, park time, we ran errands together, and simply relaxed. With our fair share of tantrums, dinner meltdowns, and no sleep because Bray is incapable of sleeping through the night, of course. I don’t want you thinking we’re the Cleavers over here. That’s just silly. 

It’s also been nice having to keep the house clean for showings. Sure, it’s a pain at times, but Bob’s been a huge help, making my load lighter and our house cleaner. Again, I say Hall-a-lu-er. 

Dressing himself has become the usual, and I must say, despite the crazy ninja turtle apparel constantly on his bod, I’ve been impressed with his matching abilities. 
Teething kept this baby up long past her bedtime. And I gave her a cookie at 7p.m. Oops. 
Our first swim of the summer! 

She could do this for hours.
Brother has been asking a lot of questions about boobs....Then I find this. 
I was at a women’s conference all weekend so Bob had baby duty. Can you tell?

She loves to grab my arm and snuggle.
It’s the best.
The blurriness could not hide her cuteness. 
Monday the kids napped at the same time, a rarity, so I laid in bed and read. Partly because I was exhausted and partly because my crouch felt like it was going to snap. Baby boy in my uterus, why must you be so heavy? 
Fearless, this one. 

Loves, loves, loves the slide. After two times going down on her bottom, she decided sliding on her tummy was more her jam. 
He’s so handsome. 
Bray did not handle his shots very well, so our dr. gave him her raphael mask.
Bray dressed Avery for bed, can you tell?

life rearranged

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