Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Far better things ahead

 I've left behind some pretty great things.

Take college for example.
I had the best group of friends. The best. I got to live in community with them, was challenged by them. I grew up with them. I also have parents who sacrificed a lot to pay for my education, allowing me to focus and engage the world around without the worry of money.

When I look back on those years, all the memorable moments or times I traveled the world, I can't help but think, "will life ever feel like that again?"

But then I step back from the diapers and dishes that occupy this current space in time, and I see what lies before me: An independent toddler who loves her mommy and daddy, yet fears nothing- the one I get to raise. A strong willed four year old who has a sensitive and particular heart- I get to watch him discover this world. A group of girls that I'm building incredible friendships with, friendships that mirror what I once had. And a man who genuinely loves me, all of me, and I get to learn how to love him back.

When I see what I get to be a part of now, and who I share life with, I'm full of hope and joy.

No, life won’t look like it did in college, or any other longed for, hindsight memory.
But that’s ok, because there are some magnificent things ahead.

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