Friday, May 3, 2013


So far this morning we've eaten muffins, stayed in our jammies, and I've heard lots of laughter, baby babble, and "no's and whoa's" come from the kid's play.

Our house is currently a mess and I don't particularly care. It's Friday after all, and we're recovering from a stomach bug, project clean sweep, and our last minute bathroom renovation. Cleaning would be ridiculous at this point. So instead of freaking out, which is what I did yesterday, I'm embracing the chaos. At least until our bathroom is complete and I can move my project piles to the tables in our garage.

Overrall, we're concluding a good week. Avery's sassiness has shone bright, but so have her kisses and hugs. She also loves to walk around the house with her hand in the back of her diaper. Normally this is hilarious, but not this week. Our recent stomach bug has left her with some serious diapers. That, combined with her hand down her pants, created lots of messes. Especially yesterday. Bob turned the water off while working on the bathroom. You can imagine how well toddler blow-outs, no water, and no hand sanitizer went.

As for Bray, he's been extremely helpful with his sister and the house duties, "What can I do next, mom?" His willingness to help has surprised me. I'm also continuing to see how sensitive he is, which is adorable most of the time. Lots of snuggles and sweet gestures come from this, but so can intense tantrums. Bray also had a blast helping Bob with the bathroom reno. He had his own set of work gloves (snow gloves) and everything. When I'd watch him carry a handful of scrapes out the door I could tell by the huge smile on his face he was so proud to be working with daddy.

I love seeing those bare legs!
It's hard to believe this was taken 3 days ago and now there's snow on the ground
Hot weather calls for curly hair
Lots of play outside early this week
 I was really craving a milkshake so I mixed coffee, ice cream, peanut butter, flax seed, and chia seeds in a blender. The additional healthy items made it justifiable. sort of
Sweet combover
Goodbye pink bathtub
What a beautiful sight- no more bathroom carpet, no more fake tile, no more pink 
The kids called Avery, Queen Avery and carried her around the house in her chair all night. As well as periodically bowed down in her presence. It was hilarious
hello, rat's nest
New color, however it looks more muted and grey-blue in real life 
They constantly wrestle. constantly
What this morning looked like
When I got home from my dr. apt Bray was so excited to show me his project. He was "sawing" the wood on our credenza while daddy was sawing our bathroom walls. Bray was so excited he was being like daddy that I couldn't get mad. It's nothing a little permanent marker can't fix, anyway :)
Bray got this book from a dear friend of mine and he's rediscovered it this week. Now there's constant talk of building 

We are getting rid of so many clothes and shoes and it feels awesome!
Broken bones are a comin

Have a great weekend!

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