Monday, May 20, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

Every year we  have at least one family photo session done. This year, I had the grand idea to do a vintage picnic theme in the woods: with an old wicker basket, quilt, vintage bicycle, homemade cupcakes, old decor from thrift stores. Cute, right? Then life happened. The week I was to do my thrift store shopping Bob totaled my car. Then we had all the craziness of a potential move, and the typical first trimester exhaustion. The thought of executing this idea amidst the craziness became more overwhelming than fun, so I counted my losses and moved on. Maybe when I don't have two littles under 4 and one in utero I'll have the energy to follow through. Maybe. 

As for our outfits. 
I really enjoy coordinating/matching our clothes. To keep this process manageable and fun, I limit myself to a couple stores. This also keeps me on budget since the stores I choose are on the cheaper end. I usually start with Gapkids online for inspiration. This time around I found Avery's dress there for $10. Bob usually wears something he already has, since his shirts are more expensive and difficult to find. Then I'll look at Target or Old Navy for Bray, and H & M or Forever 21 for me.  This year, I got an entire Saturday to shop for our outfits, by myself. It was glorious and I really like how everything turned out!

The day of pictures we had fierce winds and Avery was not in a picture-taking-mood. But thanks to our great photographer (BE photography), we got some awesome shots!

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  1. So cute! I love Avery's headwrap and her little curls sticking out at the bottom. :)