Friday, December 14, 2012


This week has been one full of sickness. 
I had grandiose dreams of crafting, list making, gift assembling, and house cleaning, but once the sickness hit our home everything came to a screeching halt. 

I'm so glad I made these earlier in the week, pre- sick babies. They're stuffed papers with quinoa, spinach, turkey, salsa, and mushrooms.  We got quite a few meals out of these, which was incredibly helpful
Sickness is setting in
Bob and I were able to keep our dinner date at McCormick and Schmicks
I had salmon stuffed with lobster, shrimp, and brie
She's getting so big
Enjoying some Duck Dynasty on the couch

Day two of sickness
At least I got a lot of cuddle time
I asked Bray to get some toilet paper for sis' nose
I should have known better
I asked him to clean up the mess and apparently he'd unraveled quite a bit more in the bathroom
Finally, a few minutes of play time on the floor with her elderberry juice
Her tummy started acting up again
back to my shoulder she went
After more rest she was ready for lunch- bites of bread
Bray insisted on making a bed on the couch for he and Avery
So sweet

I'd be lying if I said the last few days have been easy, but none of that matters in light of the recent Connecticut shooting. I'd changed poopy diapers and hold sick babies any day.

I pray I remember what a joy it is to be with my children, regardless of sick days and dirty houses, undone to-do's and mounds of laundry.

life rearranged

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