Monday, December 10, 2012

Birthday and such

My, oh, my last week was a busy one.
I worked every day and we had commitments almost every evening.
The introvert in me was curled up in the corner by Wednesday.

Amidst the madness, we celebrated my 28th birthday, attended my corporate Christmas party, and went to my father-in-law's work for a Santa event. While I was extremely tired come Saturday (like took a three hour nap tired) I'm so glad we squeezed everything in.

My birthday was on Thursday and the hubs surprised me with a couples massage. I was shocked. We'd decided to hold off on a gift and since I didn't see any unusual purchases on our statements (I do our finances) I was confident he wasn't going to pull a fast one. But yet again he fooled me. So sneaky.
When I arrived to work on Thursday my co-workers treated me to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in KC, Gennesse Royale, and for dessert I received this adorable cappuccino mousse cup.

That evening, my parents made an incredible birthday dinner. Mom made braised beef over pappardelle, salad with fried goat cheese, pickled red onion, and homemade berry vinaigrette, and flourless chocolate cake with choc ganache and homemade vanilla bean whipped cream. 
Needless to say it was one of the best meals I've ever had. 
I was also surprised with an adorable apron from Anthropologie, a Starbucks gift card, and a beautiful new cardigan. Oh, and those cognac pointy-toed beauties I wear in every "What I wore Wednesday" post, those were an early birthday gift from mi madre, as well. 

Sunday, Bob's family had everyone over for dinner. We had one of my favorite family recipes, tacos. Once you've had their tacos you'll never want another way. I promise. His mom also made my favorite, German Chocolate Cake. I received some more lovely gifts, along with new nail polish I can't wait to try. I. love. nail. polish.

I also received a Starbucks gift card and the most wonderful box of goodies complete with Christopher elbow chocolates from some wonderful friends.

Christopher Elbow, you're my hero

To conclude the birthday festivities, Bob and I plan to use our McCormick and Schmick gift card for a dinner date this week. Just the two of us. I'm really, really looking forward to this.

And just so you know, birthdays aren't always this extravagant around here. 
But I'm sure glad when they are :)

Friday, we had my company Christmas party. I love the people I work with and EPR throws excellent parties. We were really looking forward to this event and of course, they did not disappoint. 

Why yes, that's the third event I've worn this dress to. In the same month. Gasp.

During the cocktail hour we had two signature drinks: Champagne with hibiscus and spiced cranberry juice topped with Champagne. Both were delicious.

Some of my favorites
A few of the lovelies at EPR

Saturday morning my father-in-law's company, Husch Blackwell, hosted a morning with Santa. They serve breakfast, have balloon animals, crafts, and time with Santa. The kids had a blast.

All the cousins
At least they weren't crying
This is what getting six kids to sit on Santa's lap looks like.
We eventually wised up and put the babies on Santa's lap

I think that gets us up to speed.
Tomorrow I'll fill you in on how Advent is going. Let's just say it's not going as planned :)

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  1. WOWSERS! You weren't kiddin' when you said it was a crazy busy week! Sounds like most of it was a good kind of crazy though :-) HOpe this week finds you resting some and enjoying a more manageable schedule :-)