Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We survived the marathon. Now for some pictures.

There's no better way to end a marathon of to-do's than with a marathon of pictures.

his job was to clean the bathtub
I had to tackle this...
But we conquered. Minus the curtain rod and uncovered vent. Those are on daddy's honey-do list.
this is out of control

nap time
look at that belly!
somersault break
he's proud of himself after that somersault
her favorite snack
 cracking herself up
toes again
he loves when she plays with his hair
poor thing has no girl toys 
afternoon treat
recipe here
I got 20 minutes in before Avery woke up 
after dinner play time

bray's turn
Twas a good day. I didn't get Avery's costume started or all of my emails out, but I did get some sword fighting and cookie making in. An even trade if you ask me.

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