Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Punkin Patcchhh"

Quick update on the Cleanse: We are DONE!  I reached a point where I was going to vomit in my mouth if I had to drink another glass of spicy lemonade. Thus, we called it quits.

We did make it three days, which I'm pretty proud of considering I was ready to quit on Day 1.

As for how I felt during the cleanse: The first two days I was incredibly exhausted, had tons of cravings, and Day 2 brought on a fierce headache. By Day 3 I felt much better. We spent the day at the pumpkin patch and I was worried I wouldn't have enough energy to walk around, but I had tons of energy. I had even dropped a couple of pounds, which is always nice.
All in all, I'm glad we gave it a shot. I now know if we try another health venture it needs to be one of variety.

Moving right along.

Saturday we went to the "punkin patccchhh" (Bray's enunciation).
We drove to Weston's Red Barn with my family.  The weather was absolutely perfect.

Bray with my brother
Our little family
Because of this experience he could not wrap his head around the donkey that Mary road into Bethlehem in the Jesus Story Book Bible. "But mom, remember what I road today? 'Member?! This is the same thing, I promise." So we agreed Mary was riding a donkeypony. 


Both kids are in bed and I'm enjoying the open windows and smell of our simmering cabbage, vegetable soup. I love fall. And nap time. Nap time is magical.

I hope you had a great day worshipping the Lord. If you didn't and don't know Him, you should. He's pretty great.

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