Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday and "Hey, Let's Start a Blog."

Monday seems like a good day to begin a blog, right? I mean, I tell myself every week after that yummy morsel of goodness that I'll (re)start my diet on Monday, so I guess Monday is the universal day to begin a new habit. Unless it's close to New Years, then I must wait until then because that only makes sense.

I've actually been toying with the idea for quite some time. As I've followed other blogs and wrestled with ways to record my family's memories, I've concluded that this is the most realistic (and fun) route for us to take. That is, if I can remain disciplined. Ah. The constant nemesis of my existence.

Sooo... what better way to dive right into our lives than Laundry day!
Around my house, Laundry day is usually Monday and then I do a load here and there throughout the week (on a good week). I actually look forward to Mondays because we never make ourselves presentable, Bray may or may not brush his teeth, we watch more TV than necessary, and Bray usually creates some type of fort or massive mess.  And I love it.  Bray will watch a movie (or 5 Little Einsteins- don't judge me) and I'll catch up on my shows while we fold and put away clothes. This helps me feel guilt-free about watching TV and recover from the weekend, while letting the kids be kids in our living room. Usually, I'm pretty particular about having toys all over the house (It stresses me out), but not on Mondays.

Today has been a bit more productive than most Mondays. Since we have such a full week, I had to combine some of my other "to-do's" for the week into today. Don't worry, we never got dressed and Bray didn't brush his teeth so it still feels like Monday to us :)
I needed to clean out the kids closets and drawers since we've transitioned seasons and poor Avery is a growing beast. Girlfriend is in 12 month clothes (she's 8 months). And those thighs. My goodness. I want to eat them, they're so cute, but I have a feeling this will be the source of many teary-eyed, teenage nights. I've already begun to pray.
We also have a Kids Closet consignment sale coming in a couple weeks and that's where I do most of my shopping for the kids, so I wanted to make space for the "new to us" items.

We also made some of our favorite energy balls. These make such a great snack throughout the day and it was the perfect activity for Bray to help.

Here's the recipe I used I modified it a bit, as I do with every recipe. I added some ground flax seed, a few extra oats, and some nutella (not pictured).

Can you see the perfectly round, smooth ball there are the bottom? That would be Braydon's. He has so much of my husband in him. Meticulous.

After our energy balls and sis' morning nap we took our walk. Right now, I don't have much of a workout routine, but I am trying to do something a couple times a week, because I need to. Not only does my body hurt from the extra 25 lbs I'm carrying around, I just plain don't like it. However, there's that discipline thing and my love of food that keeps getting in the way. Oh and the kids. They're kind of time consuming. None-the-less, here is the program I'm trying to follow So far, I'm liking it since it's something I can do with the kids and/or while they are playing. It's no insanity, but that may be the very reason it's conducive for my current season of life. Someday Insanity, I will master you. 

I also wanted to type my notes from this weekend's marriage conference by Paul David Tripp. It was life changing. Seriously. As was his mustache. 
I plan to post some of the information from this weekend's conference later this week. It's too good not to share. 

Well, I'm off to continue my fold-a-thon. Bob doesn't get home until 9:00 p.m. on Mondays since he helps teach a class at church. So, we've got a crockpot meal going and a long night of folding and TV watching ahead. Good thing there's some good shows starting up tonight. Hawaii Five-O, anyone?