Tuesday, November 18, 2014

House Update- Lighting and Tile

We are a bit behind schedule on the house, but whatever. Sheet rock is going in as we speak and every time I stop by it looks more and more like a home so I can't complain. 

One bit of exciting news. I get a working, WOOD BURNING, fireplace on the first floor. We are installing an insert which is more cost effective than fixing the existing issues and way more energy efficient. We will eventually put a gas insert in our Master bedroom, but that project won't happen for a few years.


I'm going for simple and industrial. I have no idea if all of these pieces will go together since I'm ordering everything online, but I'm hopeful :) I'm sticking with bronze fixtures and I'll have light oil rubbed bronze pulls and knobs in the kitchen. 

In the Master Bathroom I'm breaking all the rules and having brushed nickel. Because I can. 

1. Kitchen Island- I'll have two above the island
2. Half Bath- vanity on first floor
3. Hallway- on first floor. Due to building limitations I can only have a sconce in this space, which I don't love, but at least I love this light
4. Stairway Landing- for second and third floor
5. Master Bath Pendants- We have two mirrors, so we'll have two pendants, one for each mirror
6. Dining Room- I'll have one large light over the table. I'll also have this light on our front porch
7. Kids Bath and Entry way
8. Living Room- I'm hopeful this won't be as tan in real life. If it is I may need to find a whiter version.


We are purchasing all of our tile through a local tile shop which is why there are no links, but you can find some links on my pinterest boards. Also, the coloring is off on the images. Almost all of the tile is white, not grey. Except the grey hex tile for our Master bathroom. But even it is much lighter in person.

1. Fireplace- first and second floor. I'm not sure you can tell, but this is smaller mosaic subway tile
2. Kitchen backsplash, Master shower walls, and third floor shower walls. The kitchen backsplash will have white grout, but the other two spaces we'll use light grey grout.
3. Kids bathroom and third floor bathroom floors
4. Master bathroom- floor tile

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