Sunday, May 25, 2014


The last few weeks have been filled with new routines, time outside, remodel excitement, and very little sleep :)

The house is still not ours, but our closing date is set for June 25th. A couple Saturdays ago we got to pick out tile, carpet, and lighting. All of it was so much fun! And, overwhelming. In fact, I had to limit myself to a couple of stores. Otherwise, I would've made myself sick with options.

As for the new job, I'm continuing to love it. It's taking some adjusting with the kids, but I genuinely feel happier. Something about accomplishing a clear task, one that isn't destroyed moments after I complete it, does wonders for my soul.

One thing this job has taught me is how perfectly paired Bob and I are. His championing me to work and partnering with me on all house matters means a lot. Gender roles can be a passionate topic (women should be home raising babies, men don't do house work). I don't buy into all of the kool-aid, which makes me grateful I found a husband who's willing to share the load in whatever way best serves our family.

We are now off to a short trip to Truman lake with my family. I'm excited to let the kids run around outside and wake up to coffee on their screened in porch.

Happy Memorial Day!!

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