Friday, January 31, 2014

4. Family Liturgy


noun \ˈli-tər-jē\

: a fixed set of ceremonies, words, etc., that are used during public worship in a religion

Family liturgy can be many things: nightly prayers, a list of family values- see here, or a family mission statement.

A great example of how to incorporate family liturgy was given by a couple at the Coram Deo parenting conference. This couple wrote individual prayers for each child and every night they prayed this prayer over them. We loved the idea so much we decided to do the same for our trio.

Lord, help Bray come to treasure Jesus above all else. Help him draw strength from your character. Make him generous. Enable him to be brave for the causes you set before him. That he treat those around him with humility, gentleness, and consideration. Make him loyal and give the ability to love fiercely those you put in his path. Father, grant him wisdom to see you for who you are, and to see himself as he truly is in you.

Lord, help Avery to treasure Jesus above all else. Help her draw beauty from your character. Make her generous. Enable her to be brave for the causes you set before her. That she may become a fountain of mercy and grace as one who breathes life back into dry bones. Make her kind and considerate. Keep her from slander and gossip as she uses her voice to bring joy and truth. Most of all, we ask you to give her wisdom beyond her years. Wisdom that sees you for who you are, and her for who she is in you.
Lord, help Brooks to treasure Jesus above all else. Help him draw strength from your character. Make him generous. We ask you to make him brave for the causes you set before him. That he treat others with humility, gentleness, and consideration. Enable him to bind up the brokenhearted and bring joy through his laughter and care. Father, give Brooks wisdom to see you for who you are, and to see himself as he truly is in you.
This maybe something we update annually as the kid's personalities mature. Or maybe not. We shall see. I'm also hoping to display the prayers in some pinterest- worthy fashion near their beds. When I have time, of course :)

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