Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Grace for three

I must admit. Sometime last week I was reminded I could ask the Lord to make our transition from two kids to three an easy one. So I did. And he's been overwhelmingly gracious.

Now, don't get me wrong, we've had hard things to deal with. For example, nursing isn't going well as my sweet baby continues to lose weight, Avery's had a hard time adjusting, and I developed Mastitis- aka hell on earth. I've certainly asked God to change our difficult circumstances, but instead he chose to bestow perspective and joy..His grace is truly sufficient.

So while there are things I continue to ask the Lord to change, we're happy. Something I could not say without God's help and perfect provision.

On a practical note, I set time aside on Sunday to prepare for our week, which I did by straightening up the house and doing/getting the following things: 

-Quick snacks: apples, bananas, yogurt, granola bars, and veggie straws.
-Easy breakfast options: cereal, granola and yogurt, and kefir drinks.
-Easy lunch options: fish sticks and chicken nuggets (as natural as I could get from Costco) with pre-cut carrots and broccoli.  
-Paper plates and bowls- such a worthy investment for this short time!
- I scheduled two play-dates with some dear friends at my house. These are friends that care less what my house looks like and give me a great, emotional outlet. 
- I set my expectations really low. Like if there's an evening a meal isn't provided by our wonderful community you can bet we will be eating eggs or pasta. Laundry might get done, and deep cleaning the house is out of the question. 
-Madagascar 3 and Happy Feet 2 were DVR'd. 

Setting ourselves up for success has really paid off, but the greatest pay off has by far been God's grace. Because plans fail and they can never, ultimately, be enough. But, He is enough and He knows what we need for He is a loving, gracious Father. 

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