Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's a new day

I'm so thankful for today. Mainly, because yesterday kicked my butt.

Whether it was exhaustion setting in or hormones (most likely a lethal combo of both), I was a wreck. 
I actually cried most of the day. Sobbed, really.
I cried for all the change that's taking place. I cried because my children have been terrible- disobedient, mean, and so very needy. I cried because I'm TERRIFIED to have another baby. I cried because I felt like a failure in so many ways. 

But after three different occasions in God's word, more tears, an uplifting talk with the husband, early bedtime for the kids, time to paint my nails, and fresh baked cookies while I made lists and checked email, I went to bed feeling grateful. 

And, today has been wonderful. 
I took the kids to my previous place of employment to visit and say our goodbyes (my last day was two weeks ago). We went to Target for school supplies. Ate lunch at Chick-fil-a and played on their playground. Then came home for play-dough and what will be an afternoon movie.

We all desperately needed the time outside the house. It gave us perspective and a chance to lift our heads from the clouds.

Now, I'm going to take advantage of the last 30 minutes of Av's nap time and Bray's "quiet time" to get caught up on mail and our budget. Which BY THE WAY, Bray is sleeping better than he has in years. YEARS. Thanks to sharing a room with Avery and no more naps.

These cookies are delicious and made with coconut oil.
Recipe here.

Given the recent heat wave I thought I'd relish in a bright color one more time. 

I love this man even more after last night. The way he's learned to deal with my heart is a sure sign of his devotion to our marriage and the Lord's grace. 

 These two scents are must haves this fall. Trust me.

New school supplies.

The fearless one contemplating her jump.

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