Monday, July 1, 2013

Sweet Bray

Today, you turn four years old.
I can hardly believe it.
Not because it feels like yesterday you were born. It actually feels like forever ago.
But because I can’t imagine life without you, and it’s only been four years.
To me, that says you’ve filled our life in a very special way. A way that pushes us to our limits, brings immense joy, exhausts us, and leads us to a place of laughter and love we never knew existed.

It’s fitting that your daddy and I took you canoeing all by yourself this weekend.
Getting to devote all of my snuggles and attention to you was a precious time I won’t soon forget.

Happy 4th Birthday, bay-ba.
May you come to treasure Jesus more than anything this life will offer you.

It’s just root beer, folks 

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