Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our weekend

First and foremost, our house is back in business! Construction tools have left, furniture is back where it belongs, BOTH bathrooms are complete, my kitchen backsplash is almost done (we’re waiting on two peices, everything else is up and grouted), and all electrical is complete. The only items left are paint touch-ups, a few odds and ends, and a couple landscaping to-do’s.

What was our storehouse for all things construction, has officially returned to it’s peaceful demeanor

Seriously, I feel like a new woman.

I also boxed up all non-essential items and put them on the shelves my husband built in the basement. Not only does it feel awesome to have the basement organized, and most the packing done, it’s wonderful living with less. Just wonderful.

Second, we’ve had a really fun weekend.
Friday night, we celebrated a friend’s birthday with a house show. It was glorious! Wine and cheese. Live bluegrass. Beautiful decorations. What more could you want?

Then Saturday we celebrated the life of Bob’s grandma and her going home to Jesus. Followed by ribs, peanut butter pie, and family time with Bob’s side.

Today, we (kind of) celebrated Father’s Day with a big breakfast and pepperoni pizza for dinner, at Bob's request. Since he works on Sundays and really wants to finish some items on the house tonight, we are going to celebrate Father’s Day this coming Friday with a family day at the zoo.

I did attempt to get up with the kids last night, in honor of Father’s Day, to let Bob rest. He usually takes care of the kids throughout the night, because 1) sleep is a big deal for me, especially being pregnant. 2) All evidence that I love Jesus goes out the window in the dark of the night. And between night terrors, frequent attempts to sleep in our bed, and a baby who wants milk at 3:00 a.m., there’s a lot to take care of.  I must say, I needed an hour nap this afternoon because of it. Further evidence my husband is a rare bird who loves and serves our family well, choosing to share in all different tasks that involve raising our kids. He’s my perfect fit, this guy.

Lastly, today during his class at church, Bray requested his name be changed to Leather-Head. Not a biblical character or a renown intellect. Nope. A mutant alligator. I’m so proud.

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