Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy birthday to the best man we know,

Most are inclined to say on one's special day, "you're the best dad and husband in the world." We both know that's not true, so in good conscience I cannot say that. BUT I can say you're the perfect dad and husband for US.

Last night, after you and Bray tucked me into bed, I could hear you two giggling and chatting over Duck Dynasty and a brownie. I know Bray was over the moon that you let him stay up past his bedtime. As I fell asleep, I thought about the relationship you're building with him. He's one lucky kid.

And I thought about Avery. I thought about the example she will have in watching you love me. The times you won't let us go to bed mad, when you force me to dance with you or sing one of your ridiculous songs in the middle of chaos just to lighten my mood, the constant kisses, and the times we ask each other for forgiveness. This has to do wonders for her heart and I pray your example gives her strength and a definition of what an honorable man is.

As for our little bun in the oven, this kid hit the daddy jackpot and is in for a treat :)

We love you so much and are beyond grateful to call you ours.
Happy Birthday!!

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