Tuesday, April 9, 2013

English muffin pizzas and Hobo packets

Recently, I started making lunch an interactive activity for Braydon. I thought it'd be good to teach him life skills. So, you know, he becomes a functioning adult who can feed himself. What I didn't think about was how much work it would take to make this happen.
Take yesterday for an example.
I purposely chose this recipe from Vanilla Tulip, because it seemed like an easy one for Bray.
In my planning, I did not anticipate yesterday's teething monster baby on my hip- who kept trying to fling herself from my arms to reach the cheese then would scream and beat her head on the floor if I put her down, handfuls of cheese all over the floor and cabinets, and a meltdown because of a desire to use the knife to cut his English muffin. I'm pretty sure I was sweating by the end of lunch.
Pregnancy hormones and exhaustion probably had something to do with my impatience and inability to handle a kitchen mess. Or that's what I'm telling myself as I reflect on our "experience."
I can say that striving to be a patient, loving, educator for my little ones is far more difficult than I EVER imagined. I would NOT change it for the world, but I also would not have thought creating an English muffin pizza with a three year old would be my unraveling. 
I was nervous about using sprouted grain English muffins, but it turned out great!
I also added garlic, salt, basil, and oregano to each muffin pizza (in the sauce).

We had hobo packets for dinner yesterday and they turned out great! Bray was not around to help me with this endeavor, however, he was super excited to eat them saying, "it's our special dinner!"

What you'll need:
Chicken breasts, thawed (I used 4 so Bob could have 1-2 lunches from the leftovers)
Broccoli (or any veggie you desire)
Worcestershire sauce
Lemon juice

1. Dice your chicken. The smaller the pieces, the faster it will cook.

2. Dice onion- I cut mine into slivers.

3.. Get a large piece of foil. Place diced broccoli, onion slivers, and chicken in your foil. Put your meat on the top.

4. Drizzle worcestershire sauce over everything. Generously salt and season your packet.

5. Slice up cubes of butter and place on top of each packet filling. You can also use olive oil or scoops of coconut oil.

6. Fold each end towards the middle, keeping your packet flat so everything cooks evenly. Then place another piece of foil over the top of where your ends meet, and wrap the excess foil around the bottom of the packet. This is to keep your juices from spilling onto the bottom of your oven.

7. You may want to google cooking instructions, because mine are spotty. I had started my packets at 400 and they'd cooked 25 minutes when I got the call that Bob was in a car accident. I turned the oven off and left everything in there to get to him. When we got home an hour later, I turned the oven back to 400 and cooked another 20-30 minutes. The chicken was a little overdone, sadly, but my broccoli was cooked perfectly.

8. Finish off with some lemon juice and enjoy!

Because my chicken was a touch dry I ate it with some Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce. A valid cover-up.

We aren't giving Avery much meat (don't worry she gets plenty of protein), so her packet is vegetarian

I also added some potatoes and sweet potatoes to the oven.

Next time we will do this on the grill or in our fire pit. It's a fun (according to Bray), easy clean-up meal which is perfect for the summer.

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